B-1 Bombers Used in Strike on Damascus – Syria Fires Missiles at US Tomahawk Missiles (VIDEO)

The US used B-1 bombers on Friday in the military strike on Syria.

Israel Breaking@IsraelBreaking

BREAKING: B1 bombers are being used tonight to strike targets in Syria, senior officials say.

The bombers were stationed in Qatar.

Land of the Free@trustrestored

Fox News reporting B-1 stealth bombers out of Qatar used in strike

CBS News has a man on the ground in Damascus.

CBS News


NEW: “As he was speaking, we were hearing rumbling in the distance, the sound of what appeared– what sounded like air strikes,” @sethdoane reports from Damascus, Syria https://cbsn.ws/2GYqiRP 

Syria reportedly shot defense missiles at the US Tomahawk Missiles.

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The Intel Crab@IntelCrab

Regime anti-air assets are working hard over tonight as cruise missile strikes continue.

The Science Center was a target.

T R U T H 🇺🇸@JayDub1210

Qasyioun, Barzeh, and Mezzeh been reportedly hit in Damascus . Targets reportedly science tech, airfield, chemical/science facilities

Another photo from Damascus.

Juan Torres@jualtorres


Donald Trump ordena a las Fuerzas Armadas de ese país en conjunto con Gran Bretaña y Francia atacar de manera estratégico ciertos puntos sensibles en Siria. Dijo que “están preparados para que la operación sea sostenida” .En desarrollo pic.twitter.com/gJ4moOjv7r

Juan Torres@jualtorres

UPDATE (1): Se escuchan y observan fuertes explosiones en el área de la capital siria Damasco. CNN confirma esos datos. pic.twitter.com/s8Ll4bo5hr

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