After Meghan Pushes Back On Prenup & Obama Invite, Queen Slaps Her With ‘Brutal Surprise’

Behind the scenes, actress Meghan Markle is making all the wrong moves, causing the tabloid press in Britain to nickname her “Princess Pushy.” The Trump-hater, who fancies herself a leftist “activist,” was livid over the prenup Prince Harry asked her to sign. Then, there’s Princess Pushy’s tantrum over the Obamas, demanding Barack and Michelle are on the guest list, and that’s when the Queen took control, slapping Princess Pushy hard with a “brutal surprise.”

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Meghan Markle (left), Queen Elizabeth II (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

This isn’t Queen Elizabeth II’s first rodeo, having to deal with pushy fiances or potentially problematic royal weddings. Elizabeth never wanted to be queen, but her uncle Edward VIII (whom the royal family referred to by his last given name of David) abdicated the throne to marry an American socialite, three times divorced, named Wallis Simpson. This made Elizabeth’s father king, and the strain of the role ended his life early, making Elizabeth queen in 1952 when she was only 26 years old.

So, Meghan Markle being dubbed “Princess Pushy” by the Brits tells us the reported shenanigans behind the scenes have some merit. Markle was allegedly caught screaming at Prince Harry over the prenup, livid that the Queen would require her to sign it, and the altercation was leaked to the media. Of course, it also made its way over to Buckingham Palace, and the whole debacle did not sit well with the British monarch.

Just a few days later, the interview held with Barack Obama by Prince Harry, who insiders say is being influenced by Markle’s liberal stances in American politics, was released. “While the bulk of the interview involved talk of world leadership roles in the modern age of digital technology, mention of the royal wedding guest list did come up. The prince revealed during the chat he wasn’t yet sure if the Obamas would get an invite — despite speculation they are sure to be included,” reported

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