Trump was right – The UN needs to be totally defunded, $285 million should be just the beginning

The vote at the UN General Assembly was a shameful attack against the sovereignty of the United States.
No one has the right to decide for the US where it can or can not put its embassy.
Only Israel has the right to determine its capital, It’s not up to the UN, UK, Italy or France.
Every two and a half minutes US pays UN $38,000 for doing nothing
American taxpayers pay more than any other country for the UN budget.
Please watch and share this video if you think Trump should cut all the American aid to the UN.
The United Nations has been hijacked by Islamic countries that use UN bodies to attack Israel.
Trump should cut all American aid to the UN.

The bond between the USA and Israel is stronger than ever. History has been made: Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Thank you America for making the right decision and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital! Trump is the first American president to fulfill his promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusa…

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